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 Our Concept 

 The 196 

 Foundation is 

 all about 




Tiny donations from lots of kind donors like you, support one cause per year.



 You donate. 


£1.96 per month. No more, no less.
Donate either £1.96 per month, or give 12 months as a one off payment of £23.52 (12 x £1.96). Even better you can donate to support us for 3 years as a lump sum right now. This is just £70.56
As you donate, people all over the world are submitting their application to receive support. Be that a wheelchair, support for a family that needs help, or a request to build a school perhaps.
From the hundreds of applications that apply for help, we whittle them down to just 3 based on what funds we have available and the scale of the impact it will create.

Once we have selected just 3 causes, we email all the donors on April 1st every year. Every donor has the month of April to vote for the cause they want to support. The cause with the most votes receives our help.

The more you donate the more votes you have. In a 12 month period (aka 1 year) the maximum volume of votes you have is 12. (1 for each month of the year). You can spread these votes across all 3 causes, or use all 12 votes to support 1 cause. It's up to you.

If you donate for 3 years you still have 12 votes maximum each year.
Our team work with the cause you voted for to determine the most efficient way to delivery our help. We'll ensure that every pound spent is monitored and stretched to give maximum benefit. Every donor will receive a link by email with an impact report and an article outlining the support we delivered.
As with nearly every project we deliver, it's likely that we will need extra volunteers to help make it happen. None of the donations are spent on wages or the team.
Example - If we are building a school, we will need volunteer builders, electricians, and labourers etc. This concept is similar for most projects.
 You volunteer. 


Your time is even more valuable - support us in person
 Together, WE deliver. 


Once a year we deliver the support you voted for.
 Put it to the vote. 


We pick 3 possible causes to help - Every April, YOU vote.
 Identify need. 


Groups, individuals, and charities ask for specific support.
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