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The support we deliver, thanks to your kind donations will affect communities all over the world. Initially while we grow, we might be able to help just a handful of small local causes, like supporting a family with a disabled child, purchasing a wheelchair for someone in need, or perhaps providing food for struggling families. As we grow (and have more donations at our disposal) our impact will increase. It's important to point out though that no matter who we help, YOU, as a donor have a vote on who that is. The more you donate, the louder your voice. Imagine what we could do with thousands of donors. Build schools, develop learning centres in developing countries, or even provide long term health support for hundreds of thousands of families all over the world. The opportunities are only limited to the donations you make.

We are still in our first year.
We will deliver the project voted for by you, 
within 12 months of all votes being counted.

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