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Do you need support?

Do you know an individual, family, group, club or organisation that could do with a leg up?

If you are aware of a cause that could do with support please complete the below form. Our mission is to deliver the biggest impact - that means stretching every donation. Even with small donations we can do big things. It's a matter of finding the right cause and developing a way that generates the maximum benefit. Benefit comes in many forms; it could be helping families, infrastructure, staffing, health, time, the list is endless. The 196 Foundation supports, everything from individuals to entire nations. Complete the form below so we can review your need.

We select 3 applications each year for shortlisting. We then ask our donors to vote on the cause they believe will have the most impact. We'll email you if your application is successfully shortlisted.


Please fill out the following form to help us understand who and what needs the support of the 196 Foundation.

What support do you require?

Thanks for applying for support.

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