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Democratic Donor-ship.


We are a non-profit grant foundation supporting causes as wide-spanning as existing large charities like Cancer Research, to families and individuals all over the world. With every £1.96 you donate you receive 1 vote. A maximum of 12 votes per year (there are 12 months in a year of course).

You can become a donor at any time. HERE.

Every April we will email you with 3 options like the example below. These 3 options you can vote on. You'll also receive information about the cost of each option, along with details of the number of volunteers we need, the impact the project will have on the wide community, the time it will take to deliver, and the long term benefits. You can then vote having had all the information to make an informed decision.


1) Wheelchair for a disabled child.

2) Building a school in Uganda.

3) Blankets for the homeless in London.

You can spread your votes across all 3 options, or choose to back just one or two.

If you start donating in November (monthly £1.96) by April you will have donated 6 times. This means you have 6 votes to cast. This is all done through a one click email form. You will get an email from us in April/May every year.

If you have any questions - please contact us

 Days until voting opens 

May 1st
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