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 Frequently Asked Questions 

  • What is The 196 Foundation?
    The 196 Foundation is a British based non-profit donor advised fund which provides aid packages to groups, individuals, and other charities around the globe. Our aim is to provide help to every country in the world. Naturally that will take a while, but it’s possible; and with your small donations of just £1.96 per month, we can begin to make a difference.
  • How does The 196 Foundation work?
    The 196 Foundation asks for donations of £1.96 per month from individuals worldwide. These donations are collected into a central pot. While donations are being made throughout the year, charities, individual, and groups submit applications to receive support from us. Each year, with the help from our core team, we whittle down these applications to just 3. Every August we ask the donors to then vote on the project they would like us to support. Each £1.96 that is donated provides 1 vote. If you donate for 12 months, you get 12 votes. Once the project has been chosen, we deliver the support. We ask for volunteers to deliver the project, so no money is spent on the team. It could be as simple as providing a wheelchair to a family in need in London. Or it could be something a little more complex, like building a school in Uganda, for example. We may also give funding to a charity / NGO for a specific project. However, the money will never just be handed over. See below for more information on this. Small donations, from many people, delivering big change.
  • What are core values of The 196 Foundation?
    Democratic Donorship - Every donor has a chance to vote on who the foundation support. Transparency - Impact reports are produced to show exactly what impact your donations have made. Totally non-profit making - no staff are paid a penny. The foundation is run by volunteers. Stretching every penny - Wherever possible the finances available will be made to go further. Example - Building a school. If 100 bricks usually costs £20, the foundation uses it's network of contacts to ensure that wherever possble this cost is reduced - ideally to zero.
  • What makes The 196 Foundation different?
    The 196 Foundation is a Democratic Donorship - Meaning that everyone who donates gets a say on who the project supports. Every £1.96 that's donated equates to one vote. A maximum of 12 votes per year.
  • Is The 196 Foundation climate conscious?
    Yes, with help from many partners The 196 Foundation will endeavour to operate as carbon neutral e.g. carbon offsetting for individuals involved in projects, flights, travel etc.
  • What is The 196 Foundation mission?
    To help the world. It's easy to donate to causes that are important to you - but it's rare to be able to help every country. The 196 Foundation has a vision for the future whereby every pocket of need can be accessed and supported through utilising contacts around the globe. The 196 Foundation is a long term grant based foundation offering support to anyone that needs a leg up. Be it £100 or £1 million. The impact will be dependant on the number of donations made. More donations, more help given. Simple.
  • Why should I donate to The 196 Foundation?
    That’s simple. We help to change lives of people less fortunate than ourselves. Plus the donation we are asking for is tiny compared to the impact it will have. We are asking for just £1.96 per month, or £23.52 per year. There’s no contract, no agreements to keep donating. You could donate £1.96 once and then never again if you wish. We are able to be more diverse in our giving and more free than many other non-profits.
  • What percentage of donations are NOT used to support good causes?
    All of the donations received go towards helping causes in need. No money donated is taken for wages or to pay anyone within the foundation. There are tiny fees invovled with payment platforms - these platforms take less than 10% of your donations. The rest goes to the cause that receives the most votes each year.
  • If money I donate isn't spent, what happens to it?"
    Every year The 196 Foundation delivers one project. If there are not enough funds available to deliver a project, the funds will roll over to the following year. The donors all get a say in if the pot of money is rolled over of not. It's all in the hands of the donors and the trustees.
  • How are donations controlled?
    Donations are made via DonorBox, an online donation platform. With help from GivingWorks (a registered charity), the funds are collected via Stripe. These are stored in the foundation's bank account. Funds are only released upon the approval of the board of trustees.
  • How many projects does The 196 Foundation fund each year?
    Just one. The idea, at least in the early stages of the foundation, is to deliver projects well, or not at all. Rather than aiming for mulitple projects that aren't delivered efficiently, The 196 Foundation will focus on one main project per year.
  • What is an impact report?
    An impact report is a project document outlining the amount of impact a project has had on the community it's delivering to. This includes the scale, benefits, cost, and long term impacts the project has delivered.
  • When do I need to vote?
    Every April The 196 Foundation emails all it's donors to ask for their votes. Voting happens between April 1st and April 30th. This is where donors can place their votes on which project they would like to support. 3 options are given to all donors. The cause with the most votes will receive The 196 Foundation's support.
  • How do I get an impact report?
    Just ask. Impact reports will be posted online via a link to a PDF once per year. If you'd like a copy sent directly just email
  • What am I voting for?
    Voting happens once per year. For every £1.96 donated each donor will receive 1 vote. Donors are voting on the cause they want The 196 Foundation to support. There are 3 options each year.
  • How is The 196 Foundation held accountable for use of donors money?
    The donors money is managed through Giving Works in conjuction with the annual voting system. The 196 Foundation must comply with UK charity regulations. If you would like to discuss this please email
  • Who founded The 196 Foundation?
    The 196 Foundation was founded by Nick Butter. Nick is a 4 times world record holder. He is the first and only person to have run a marathon in every country in the world. On his 674 day expedition to every country he witnessed the scale and sheer horrors of poverty, suffering and need all over the globe. He set up The 196 Foundation to help people that needed a leg up in life. Small or big, we want to make a positive impact on the world.
  • What's the maximum I can donate?
    Donations are capped at £1.96 per month. This is to ensure every donor has an equal voice in who we help. The maximum annual donation is £23.52. That's £1.96 multiplied by the 12 months of the year.
  • Will my monthly payment of £1.96 stop after 12 months?
    No, your £1.96 monthly donation will continue untill you cancel it. You can cancel it via DonorBox (You will have recevied an email at the time of setting up your donation). If you have a problem, please email
  • How do I register for support?
    Just complete this form
  • I know someone that needs help - can you help them?
    Yes, please register via the 'SUPPORT APPLICATION'. If you'd like to discuss this with us please email Thank you
  • What platform does The 196 Foundation use to handle donations?
    Donor Box. Donorbox has one simple mission: Provide nonprofits with simple, effective tools to manage their fundraising activities and connect with donors on a deeper level. More info can be found here
  • Can I donate by cheque or cash?
    Yes, if you wish to donate by cash or cheque simple email and The 196 Foundation will inform you of the appropriate details.
  • What is GivingWorks?
    GivingWorks provides the umbrella support that enables you to set up your own charitable foundation, with minimal cost and hassle. Foundations are typically perceived as complex and expensive philanthropic devices, only accessible to large corporations and wealthy individuals. GivingWorks removes the barriers of entry for individuals, groups and companies who want to carry out charitable projects or support good causes. In addition, all contributions made by UK taxpayers into such foundations benefit from a 25% bonus to the original donation. More information is found here
  • What is a Donor Advised Fund?
    Donor advised funds (DAFs) are the UK’s fastest-growing philanthropic giving vehicles. They offer several advantages over charitable foundations, namely cost savings, tax-efficiency, flexibility, and ease of administrative, fiduciary, and reporting requirements. Find more information here
  • How do I cancel my monthly direct debit?
    Every donor will receive an email from 'DonorBox'. This is the 3rd party platform that handle donations. They will email you with a link to your DonorBox account. To change or cancel your payment simply log into the account. If you have any problems please email
  • How do I make a complaint?
    If you are unhappy or would like to raise a complaint please email
  • How do I volunteer?
    Thats easy, either email or complete the volunteer form on the volunteer page.
  • How often will The 196 Foundation contact me?
    The 196 Foundation will only contact donors when there are decisions to be made. 1 - to thank donors 2 - to ask donors to vote 3 - to inform donors of the winning cause 4 - to ask donors to volunteer their time to help a project 5 - to share the impact report with donors once a project has been completed
  • How do I donate to The 196 Foundation?
    It’s easy to donate. You can donate to The 196 Foundation via our website at You can donate £1.96 per month, or £23.52 as a one off payment to support us for an entire year. Even better you can donate £70.56 to cover 3 years of support to The 196 Foundation. All the details are online.
  • Will The 196 Foundation provide aid to every country?
    The 196 Foundation will support as many countries as is legally possible and with time permitting. Sadly some rules mean that countries that need the most help, won't recieve it. While the rules and regulation surrounding these countries remain as they are we can not provide any form of aid to them. NO funds collected now or in the future will be directly or indirectly a part of any project that relates to Cuba, Iran, Syria, North Korea or the Crimea region of Ukraine.
  • How does The 196 Foundation comply with sanctions regulations?
    NO funds collected now or in the future will be directly or indirectly a part of any project that relates to Cuba, Iran, Syria, North Korea or the Crimea region of Ukraine. All funds will be coming to a UK registered charity, the Trustees comply with international rules and are guided by the Joint Money Laundering Steering Group, HMRC Sanctions lists and AML regulations. Under no circumstances will grants or donations be sent to countries that we cannot legally send money to.
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